Math hell

Today I had mock exam in math… The hours went quite fast, and I hadn't even time to finish the last sum .. But I did my best, so I hope I will get a nice grade XD Tomorrow we have writing mock, were we have 3 hours to write an essay >.<;; Such a hard week… 

Today I should have been to drawing class, but I got a text message from my teacher, that it was cancelled today because of sickness. What a shame, I would have liked to finish my painting with Totoro (My Neighbour Totoro).

Recenly my sister and I are re-watching Stand Up!!, were Ninomiya Kazunari are playing Shouhei Asai (aka Shou-chan) I just love this series, I actually think its my favorite drama with Nino-kun ^_^

stand up drama    

This is some pictures from episode 2 we watched yesterday ^_^

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