Ninomiya Kazunari

I discovered this wonderful person by watching the movie "Ao no Honoo"/"The Blue Light" were Nino plays the main

character. I thought he was an amazing actor in this movie, I was really astonished! :O Then I found out that he was from the group called Arashi, which really blew me away! XD I would never had guessed that he was a singer, when I watched him in "Blue Light". So I watched some videos on Youtube, and then immediately fell in love with him. He was such a good singer, and I really liked his voice!

Now I've heard many of his songs, and seen many of his movies, and I reeally think he's the cutest guy in the world!

Here's my fanvideo, dedicated to Shuichi (Nino-kun) and Noriko (Aya Matsuura) from "The Blue Light" I hope you like it ^__^

Shuichi and Noriko


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