“Linda Linda Linda”

I finally got the movie "Linda Linda Linda" DVD last Friday (two days ago), and I watched it with my sister. It wasn't exactly like I thought it would be, but it was still really good! ;D The music was so cool and special, really great! The girls' acting were good and I really liked their characters. The summer theme was also quite nice, it maked me long for summer even more XD I will definately watch it again soon!

Here are some pictures of the DVD (Not taken by me >.<)

Linda Linda Linda DVD FrontLinda Linda Linda DVD BackLinda Linda Linda DVD Disc

The song "Linda Linda" who is originally a Blue Hearts song, the girls' band "Paran Maum" (Blue Hearts in korean) play in the movie is really catchy. I hummed it the whole day after I had watched the movie. ^_^ You can here it here: 

Linda Linda
We are Paran Maum

And here's some pictures ^___^

LiindaLindaLinda1Linda02cy7Linda03ar8Linda LindaLinda-linda-linda-movieS1511727

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