Trip to Sweden


Our Holiday Cottage in Sweden
Sophie and I
The Swedish Forrest

Last weekend I was in Sweden with my parents, twin sister and grandparents. My family has a vacation cottage in Sweden near the town Värnamo, which we visit quite often. The first two days it rained all the time, really depressing. But the last day the sun was shining from a cloudless sky :D Wonderful! I visited Värnamo and bought my manga magazine "Shojo Stars" which I always do. It contained a new series called "Gakuen Alice" who looks really interesting! I also used my time on learning Japanese, which I do with a simple English to Japansese phrasebook and Kana de Manga. I'm learning the Hiragana alphabet, and I have learned many of the characters by now. I have even hang up the Hiragana and Katakana charts beside my bed, to remember them better XD But it was a nice trip to Sweden as always, and I could really relax with my family.

Jaa ~ne! ^__^


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