Spider-Man 3

I must admit that this movie made a big impression on me. I mean now I have seen all three movies (the third one here last Tuesday) and this one was really amazing! I'm really into Spider-Man now XD (I even watch the cartoon series on Jetix again!) 

I got the DVD in birthday present (see my previously post "My presents" for picture) which is quite a time ago now, even so I want to write my opinion now. :D

  • The first thing, the actors did a really great job!
  • The second thing, the story was exciting and had a good plot as always ^_^
  • The third thing, the special effects was amazingly done!
  • The fourth thing, the background music was excellent, inspite of the fact that it wasn't Danny Elfman that composed the music this time, but Christopher Young.
  • The fifth thing,  I think the ending song was really nice (^.^)b

It's called "Signal Fire" and is sung by Snow Patrol, and here's a fanmade music-video to the Spider-Man 3 movie with this very good song ^_^

Enjoy! XD

(By the way, good work BatBoy13!)

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Winter Vacation

Yesterday I got home from Sweden, where I have spent some  days of my vacation ^_^ I had a great time and we were also visiting "Isaberg" one of the days. Isaberg is a ski-ing place so of course we went ski-ing :D It was great fun, but afterwards I was very exhausted XD Here's a picture of me standing with my mother and sister.


I also made a drawing of Lilo and Stitch to a friend ^_^ It took me forever! XD


And of course I got the next Shojo Stars magazine ^o^

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