A Tale of Two Sisters

Yesterday I watched the movie "A Tale of Two Sisters" with my twin sister, and what a film! Sophie got it as a present last Saturday. I've never watched anything like it, it was really an amazing piece of work. The two lead characters' acting was just stunning @o@ It also had a quite tricky story, but after I read a very long explanation of the movie on the imdb site, I finally found meaning in the ending scenes. It was both sad and very creepy (mostly sad). You really got sympathy with the girls (Su-mi and Su-yeon). Go watch it, it's your time worth it in my opinion.

I also found the OST for the movie today on www.nautiljon.com (a really good site for dowmloading – but in French) Here's some of my favorite clips.

Prologue Cold Hands Lullaby Crying Moon Version 2

 The music have some sort of sad feeling to it.. The classical plays are also great. A very nice mix to a wonderful movie! XD

Here are some more pictures from the movie. I'm totally in love with the victorian style this movie have!~<3

CoverSu-miSu-mi and Eun-jooSu-mi and Su-yeonSu-mi by the stairsSu-mi in the forestSu-mi on the floorSu-yeonSu-yeon scared in bedSu-yeon with the birdThe confronting with step motherThe house

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