Yay presents! ~^.^~

Last Saturday my twin sister and I held a birthday party for our family (even though our birthday first is on Thursday) because we couldn't do it the next weekend, because there my big sister holds her birthday (9th February) XD A bit inconvenient. It was a very nice day, and I got some very nice presents ^___^ Here's a picture of them.


I got some nice Hello Kitty slippers (plus a Hello Kitty pyjamas which I were wearing at the moment, I took this picture ^_^) Then I got the High School Musical # 2 CD! I love the songs in that film and I also have the album of the first movie. The two DVD's on the picture is "Sleepy Hollow" with Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci (a brilliant movie!) and Spiderman-3 which I haven't even watched myself yet. The playstation 2 game is NARUTO: The Ultimate Ninja 2! I played the game a lot yesterday and it's really cool! XD I'm very good at playing Sasuke, and you can choose the original japanese voices (SO COOL!) for the characters. I also got a sponge bag/toilet bag (I'm not sure which to use >.<;) but I think I will exchange to another type of bag (the white leather isn't my type..) My grandmother gave me 200 kr. (about $40) with a little honey cake shaped as a heart. Very sweet <3 ^___^ Some really nice presents, and I will get more on Thursday :D Hehe     



 My biggest wish is to get a Nintendo DS lite in pink~! Onegai Shimasu! I can only wait and see..

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