~ Sunny Day ~

Today the sun shone almost the whole day and the sky was so azure blue ~_~ Suteki na~!  Look at it…

Blue SkyMy house and pine treesMig og Tomy-san ^_^ 024Sea gull

It was about 8 to 10

°C outside. That's warm on a february day if you ask me! XD The first picture was the gourgous sky above me in the garden, the second picture was outside in the garden as well, were you can see some of our neighbours pine trees and my house ^_^  The last two pictures are a glimpse of a sea gull, who I quickly catched with my camera, when I spotted it. :O I’ve never been able to do that before…

Bamboo with blue skyBambooMig og Tomy-san ^_^ 007

Here are some pictures of our bamboo plants in my garden, which I really like They remaind me of Japan! XD The last picture is taken from my room, so you can see mine reflection in the mirror :P heh

My sundriven Hidamari no Tami doll, who I call Tomy-san (the brand name, I know ^.^;) has been swinging its round head all day. I love him so much.. He always make me happy ^___^

Tomorrow it's my birtday! I'm really excited XD


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