My Easter/Spring Vacation in Sweden

As always we held Easter Vacation in our cottage in Sweden, and this time there was lots of snow! The seasons are really weird lately :O On the picture it looks like it's the Winter Vacation, but believe it or not it's of the Spring Vacation! The snow was 15 – 20 cm deep and really dry, if you know what I mean? Very good for making snowballs and snowmen ^_^  On the pictures below you can see my twin sister and I decorating a bush with coloured feathers, which is a Swedish Easter tradition :) It was fun!

Me decorating the bushMy twin sister and I outsideMe decorating the bush againThe Easter bush

We also made a snowman, which we named Yukidaruma-san (Snowman in Japanese) XD It was quite exhausting, but all the work worth it! ^____^

My twin sister and Yukidaruma-sanYukidaruma-san

I also bought the new Shojo Stars magazine, where the little present was Gakuen Alice magnets! I love this magazine! I would wish Denmark also had a cool manga magazine…

When we came back to Denmark, the weather was rainy and boring as always… Sigh

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