Good subjects to my exam! (>O<)/

Yaaaay! They have finally set the two withdrawn subject for our exams!

My class got:

– Written English

– Geography

I'm SOO lucky! XD We could have got exams for those other subjects: French, Social studies, History, Biology and Christianity ;D I'm really happy now! X3 Because I'm really good at written English (but not very good at talking it >.<) and I also got a 12 (most likely a "A" in the American grade system?, well it's the highest grade you can get in my country) in my mock exam XD I also did quite good in my Geography mock exam, so I aren't complaining ^O^ 

Ganbatte yo! XD

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My orders have arrived! XD Yatta yatta ~ yay yay!!! (^o^)/

Wow this was really unexpected! I got BOTH orders delivered to my door at the SAME day! And the shipping periods were very different from each other, but what the heck, I'm not complaining! XD  

Berryz Koubou Summer Concert DVD 2007:

I watched the dvd the same day with my twin sister, and it was so good! X3 Really, Momoko, Miyabi, Risako, Saki, Yurina, Chinami and Maasa did a really good job! XD It was energetic, sweet, sugoi, lovely and great entertaining at the same time!!! I can't wait to the next time I'll watch this concert movie again (and that will be pretty soon! XD) ~kya! <3 It would have been a lot better if the dvd also followed with English subtitles, when there's MC breaks between the song performances… ^_^, 

Momo 16 – Momoiro – Photo Book:

Momoko takes really stunning pictures, I love her! XD <3<3 There's so many wonderful summer pictures, and her wonderful kawaii smile takes your breath away! X) I love the pictures where she have shorts with braces on and the summer hat on her head X3 Zutto kawaii nee! And the dvd who follows with the book is also very sweet, Momoko always makes you laugh! ^O^ I just wished it had English subtitles… -_-; Sigh.  

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