I love Yesasia! XD

I've found out that I can buy things on the asian shopping site "Yesasia" with my credit card! So I'm totally happy! 

 I've ordered two things until now:


I can't wait till I open up my letter box and find a package from Yesasia XD Even though the shipping takes so long (7-14 days for the dvd, and the book 21 days!) … -_-; 

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5 responses

  1. Ehh?! What's going on? Did someone rate my post? And why? XD I feel a little confused, heh…
    P.S. I can see you have added me as friend, but why? I don't think I know you ^_^;

  2. Yes! I caught your post because I'm also a Vox blogger. I also rate posts on YankeeOtaku, a "metablog" that rates other Jpop-related posts.
    I have asked to add you as a friend because you also post on J-pop topics. Thank you for your kind consideration.
    Thank you for being such a Berryz and YesAsia fan!

  3. (Heh) Your welcome ^_^; But I'm still not sure about, why you added me as friend though… And btw, what's a "dandy"? YankeeOtaku called me "The Danish Dandy" in the post XD Sounds funny.. And why do you guys rate others posts? Seems a little weird if you ask me ^_^;

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