I've just watched the Korean movie "…Ing" with Im Soo-Jung! And what a sad movie… The ending was really sad in my opinion… But otherwise it was a great movie! (I love romantic movies XD) The film music were really nice, and I totally feel in love with the theme song "Within Her" by Bang Jun-Seok <3  


Im Soo-Jung is just such a great actress, I really love her XD It's amazing how young she looks, it's almost unbelivable. She was 22 years old in this movie, but she looks like a person who's only seventeen! o_O

I got a great shock when they revealed, what was under Mina's mitten! :O I thought, how did they make this? It was totally crazy! Then you understood, why she had a mitten on all the time ^_^; (I don't want to tell what it was, because then I maybe spoil the surprise for others).

Here's some cute picture from the movie and promo pictures ^_^


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  1. you have a same hobby with me, watching korean and japan movie… ing is very thoucable movies, allot of loves and loving inspiration that i got there… although, have a sad ending, this movie show us extraordinary love…

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