New Buono songs!<3

I had just been watching Shugo Chara episode 18-23, when I discovered the new Buono songs on youtube today, because somebody posted the new opening and ending song of Shugo Chara XD  I'm totally in love with their new songs as usual ^^ I don't know what it is, but Buono songs just makes you happy! <3

The new Shugo Chara opening song's name is "Minna Daisuki" and

the new Shugo Chara ending song's name is "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!" X3

I don't know which one of the songs who's my favorite yet, because they are both really nice if you ask me! XD And I also found the single picture (I think it's the single picture ^_^;)

I simply can't wait for the PV to come out XD It's so exciting! Momoko looks so cute! X3 <3<3<3 I have also decided on buying the first press limited edition of their third single on Yesasia (because it was so cheap)! It's nice you get two picture cards with Buono with the first press edition XD Sugoi ~nee!

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