Vampire Knight anime – 1st episode :O

I've just watched the first episode of the "Vampire Knight" anime, and damn it was good! >:O Really I just loved everything about it! The theme songs, the voices, the animation, yes everything! XD Especially Yuuki's and Kaname's voices are lovely! It's nice to hear Yui Horie making a more serious voice for a change ^_^ The other seiyu's voices I haven't heard before, so that's nice :)

The ending song was just amazing! And mysterious! X3 Really cool, it reminded me a little about Rozen Maiden or something, but otherwise it suits Vampire Knight very well!

 I also watched the PV by Kanon Wakeshima, she's very gothic lolita stylish, and she plays the cello! Sugoi ne~ ;D

Kanon 02Kanon 05Kanon 01Kanon 03Kanon

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