My orders have arrived! XD Yatta yatta ~ yay yay!!! (^o^)/

Wow this was really unexpected! I got BOTH orders delivered to my door at the SAME day! And the shipping periods were very different from each other, but what the heck, I'm not complaining! XD  

Berryz Koubou Summer Concert DVD 2007:

I watched the dvd the same day with my twin sister, and it was so good! X3 Really, Momoko, Miyabi, Risako, Saki, Yurina, Chinami and Maasa did a really good job! XD It was energetic, sweet, sugoi, lovely and great entertaining at the same time!!! I can't wait to the next time I'll watch this concert movie again (and that will be pretty soon! XD) ~kya! <3 It would have been a lot better if the dvd also followed with English subtitles, when there's MC breaks between the song performances… ^_^, 

Momo 16 – Momoiro – Photo Book:

Momoko takes really stunning pictures, I love her! XD <3<3 There's so many wonderful summer pictures, and her wonderful kawaii smile takes your breath away! X) I love the pictures where she have shorts with braces on and the summer hat on her head X3 Zutto kawaii nee! And the dvd who follows with the book is also very sweet, Momoko always makes you laugh! ^O^ I just wished it had English subtitles… -_-; Sigh.  

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  1. Thank you! ^_^ Well I haven't watched the Sakura Mankai concert yet, but I want to buy that too! XD Can you describe something about it? I would like to know, what I can look forward to :D I see you're from Finland ^O^ I'm from Denmark, so we live pretty near each other :P Are you also a big berryz fan? And who's your favorite? ;D

  2. Hah ha, yeah, we are both from north.
    I guess you've not red my recent blogs because if you had you sure should know that I'm a great Berryz fan and my faves out of Berries are Miya, Risako and Chinami. > Berryz Kobo International (my blog, focused on Berryz, Buono! and C-ute).
    For me highlights in Sakura Mankai DVD are: Berryz performing their first single song Anata Nashi ; Chinami & Yurina doing Nicchoku ; Risako singing Aisuru hito ; an then there is wonderful videoclip (VTR) where girls are singing Arigatou Otomodachi. More detailed information on this DVD you'll find HERE.

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