Weekend in Sweden ^____^ Great trip!

Yesterday I got home from my trip in Sweden with my family. The weather had been fantastic, and you could really feel that the Spring time had arrived! XD I got a lot of cool new stuff and I finally finished the book: "Interview with the Vampire" by Anne Rice ^_^ I really enjoyed this book a lot, so go read it! ;D  

You could see anemones everywhere in the forest, I love those flowers! (See the picture in the top ;3) And there wasn't a single cloud in the sky all day ^O^ We went to the town Värnamo as always, where I got lots of new stuff XD

Shopping GoodiesMangas and Stickers

I got a new summer jacket, tree summer tops, flower stickers and 4 new mangas: Fushigi Yûgi # 6 and Inu-Yasha # 10, 12 and 13 ^o^ The mangas were in Swedish, but who can say no to remainders for 8 kr. (about $1,5 or 1 €) p. each?! :O Well I couldn't XD (Heh) I also bought the Swedish manga magazine "Shojo Stars" which I buy every month ;D And this time a mobile bag followed with the magazine XD Yay!


We also were at a café called "Café 18", which was a really lovely and cosy place ^-^ I got a really great and delicious piece of chocolate cake X9 Here's a picture of me and my family (aand the cake ;3).

My family and I on Café 18Lovely Piece of Chocolate Cake

 Here's some other pictures from my trip ^_^

Me in the OpenSunshine behind the Trees

It was a really nice trip ^-v-^

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