Hana Yori Dango ~<3

I've just watched the first season of Hana Yori Dango and my conclusion is:


This show was SOOO good! >O< I was really surprised, because I didn't know the manga series. But after watching the two first episodes I was hooked on! :D Through the whole series there constantly happened new unexpected things, which is so cool! Because I hate when a show is totally predictable XD

The ending were manifique ^o~ But I had like to see more love between Tsukushi and Rui X3 <3 Even though, I also like when Tsukasa and Tsukushi are arguing together! So funny! <3

Ma! I'm going to watch season 2 very soon (that means tonight! XD)

Ogenki nee! ^___~  

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  1. That's right ^^ Utada Hikaru sings one of the songs from the season two, it's so nice XD I've just watched the second season, so now I simply can't wait for the movie!! >o< (It will premiere in Japan the 26th of June!) <3
    Btw, a good site to watch dramas: http://www.mysoju.com ^_^

  2. I'm downloading 1st season subtittled package now by bittorrent. I think it's finished in the end of this day. Over 6 GB so it takes time. And thanks for that link! Going to check it later.

  3. Your welcome, mysoju is an amazing site!! XD Well mostly because they have REALLY many dramas to watch X3 I'm afraid I'm becoming a dramaholic! ;P
    I've just started watching Hana Kimi yesterday, it's really funny! And a sweet story ^___^ <3

  4. HYD has you on your toes the whole season long :) I remember when I was debating whether to watch Hana Yori Dango or Hana-Kimi first…they are two totally different genres.

    • It’s been a long time since I watched HYD, but it is definitely one of the best dramas ever made together with Hana Kimi :) Thanks for commenting, even though it’s an old blog post ;)

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