Another Lovely Trip to Sweden

It has already been two weeks since my trip to Sweden, but I first pulled myself together to post pictures of my trip today ^_^, Sorry… But it was a really great trip this time, because my big sister and her boyfriend also came with us! XD The weather felt like summer, even though we only were in the middle of May! :O Sugee…

Here are some pictures from our usual trip to Värnamo (I got some nice ones, because of the weather!)

Lake in VärnamoWater CurrentBridge over the LakeOrange Tulips in VärnamoOrange Tulips - Close-up

I also took some pictures outside our cottage:

My Twin Sister infront of Our Cottage in SwedenNew Bamboo ShootsOur Terrace - UnfinishedLovely LilacsBeautiful Field behind MeLeaves against the Sunny SkyFunny Yellow FlowersA Butterfly Caught in the Right Moment!Cottage with Yellow FlowersRandom Flowers

The second picture of the Bamboo shoots are actually quite amazing. Because last time we visited Sweden, we moved all the dead plants from exactly this spot, but when we returned this time, there had grown bamboo in 1 meters height!! >O< Crazy! We were very surprised ^_^

The only negative thing about this trip, was that they didn't have my Shoujo magazine for May in the supermarket. I really don't know why.. It's so annoying! D'X *Sob*

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