My first Onigiri!! ^o^

Today I made my very first Onigiri together with my twin sister ^__^ It was quite easy actually :O We ended up making five of them ;D They where tasty! :9

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  1. I used tuna ^o^ It was delicious indeed! (Even though my mom thinks it's disgusting, because she hates fish and seaweed XD) I would like to try salmon too, how does it taste like? And what is Maki-zushi? Well I'm still new in the world of Japanese food ;D

  2. Maki is a rolled sushi. First you take whole Nori and spread rice on it. Then put there some fillings (like tuna or cucumber). Then you roll up the whole thing thight with a bamboo mat so that you get nice roll. Then you just cut that roll into pieces and there you have Maki-zushi. Recently Berryz & C-ute girls made Maki-zushi in one Berikyuu cooking competition episode. lol! Chinami was not so good making Maki.

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