Shugo Chara Drawings!<3

I have made a lot of drawings from the manga series "Shugo Chara" lately. I really love that manga!! Peach-Pit draw like gods! XD

Here they are:





They took me a lot of time to draw ^w^; I hope someone will comment! ^_~

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4 responses

  1. Oh wow 0_0 you're really very good!I don't really know much about Shugo Chara…just that my younger sister really liked the anime lol… but the characters look cute.I really like the 4th drawing. Very nice! =]I wish I had the patience to practice drawing haha ^^;

  2. Thank you VERY much! XD I'm happy to get comments on my drawings! (It doesn't happen very often v__v) I also used special long time to draw the 4th drawing, so I'm very happy for your comment! :D

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