My Japanese school bag has arrived!!

My mom woke me up early today (it was Saturday) because the post man had delivered a package to our house – to me! It was my Japanese school bag!! I had ordered a Candy Sugar school bag on the Internet site because I wanted a new bag, when I begin in High School after summer vacation, and here it is! It's really adorable I love it so much! And there followed a P.E. bag in the package, which didn't show on the site – sugee! XD I can't wait to use it in the new school year, I'm sure there won't be others with the same bag ;P

Candy Sugar School Bag1Candy Sugar BrandCandy Sugar Pencil CaseCandy Sugar LogoCandy Sugar RibbonMin japanske skoletaske 005

 There also followed a cute pencil case in pink, small and handy to hold your pencils ;D Now I only need a Japanese school calendar XD

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  1. Your blog always shows up when I search for Momoiro Clover stuff XD.

    Wow this bag is really cute. I also bought a similar bag when I was in high school. Not a pink one of course. But it broke really easily. I love these bags though although now I don’t use them anymore. (^^;)

    • Haha really? I wonder why? I don’t have that much posted about them :O

      So you had a Japanese school bag too? That’s so cool ^o^
      I still use it (it’s my 4th year) and it’s actually still in pretty good shape o_o
      Even though I would like to get a new bag, when I’m going to Japan this September :P

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