Fantastic Nino performance in Tekkon Kinkreet!

I was blown away watching Tekkon Kinkreet two days ago. Nino-kun who did the voice of Kuro (Black) was amazing! I had never guessed Nino-kun was so good at voice acting! :O You could really feel Kuro's feelings by listening to Nino's great voice! He even did the voice of "The Minotaur", which was even more amazing! He's good at sounding mad and evil XD ha ha Love him!

Yu Aoi did the voice of Shiro (White) and she too did a very good job, if you ask me! ^O^ I nearly couldn't recognise her voice! (ha ha) :D

I was both impressed by the story and the animation, I was almost moved to tears by the ending, where Kuro and Shiro finally could go to the beach T-T The best ending EVER! 


Now I would really like to read the original manga by Taiyō Matsumoto called "Black and White" published by Viz in one volume. I hope it's very good like the movie ^_^ 


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