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  1. oh yes.. its a group blog.. 4 persons are using it.. actually the other users of our blog is busy right now doing some school stuffs and some have a problem with their internet connection thats why i am the only one who have time to visit it… im rowzlin i like nino too… isn't hes so cute and talented? thats why many fans like him.. (gomen for the wrong grammars)

  2. Cool, I didn't know you could do group blogs, that's pretty neat. Please check out my new posts ^O^ I used a lot of time on the "Ping Pong Drama" post XD
    How did you and your friends discover Arashi? ^__^

  3. hehe… i will always view your blog when im not busy.. it is ok? after i watch gokusen 1 and hana yori dango which JUN is one of the cast we started to like him. and i find out that he have a group.. (NINO <3)they are so cool so i started to like them.. me and my friends are living in different places.. and we only met each other in friendster.com… then we chat and chat until its midnight..we became close and became friends… we are friends since march. it is a FRIENDSHIP cause by a STORM. actually we haven't met yet… so this upcoming AUGUST 31 are planning to have our 1st gathering… and ofcourse to celebrate JUN's birthday..

  4. were all from Philippines. actually arashi is not very popular here. only jun which because of the hyd and gokusen of him that was shown here… it so sad that the other members are never seen in philippine tv. but im finished watching yamada tarou and bambino, also pikanchi and pikanchi double.. how about you?

  5. I've only watched dramas on the internet -__-; (They hardly show any asian stuff in Denmark at all! Only a little bit anime) So far I've watched:
    – Stand Up!! (Nino)
    – Yamada Tarou Monogatari (Nino and Sho)
    – Hana Yori Dango (Jun)
    – Haikei Chichiue-sama (Nino) only to episode 7
    – Maou (Ohno) to episode 7 – this is a MUST WATCH dorama XD Love it!!
    I believe that's all XD I've also watched "Letters from Iwo Jima" and "Ao no Honou" with Nino – GREAT movies X3 I had like to watch Kiroii Namida, Pikanchi and Pikanchi Double, but I haven't found them with subs yet >.<
    Do you have any recommentions on subbed video sites?

  6. souka!.. hmm.. i already watched LETTERS form IWO JIMA.. i buy it in the market.. there's only one left so i fell so lucky.. im very happy that i found NINOMIYA MOVIE in the PHILIPPINES.. BTW its a great movie ne~? eheheh.. STAND UP is good too.. actually i already watch the first 2 episodes of it but i stop because i give myself a time to review. i didn't watch maou yet.. only some parts of it and MV that was on YOU TUBE CHANNEL, maybe i can watch it when im free.. but this time im so busy maybe i will continue it on sembreak… :]] mysoju.com and cruchyroll.com are only the video sites that do subs.. sorry.. i dont think if that helps..

  7. SOUKA.. my classmates like iwo jima and they said that the story is really great. eventhough at first they did'nt like ninomiya kazunari they realized that ninomiya is very talented and good in acting. actually they borrowed it last month and until now i didnt recieved it yet.. cause they all wants to borrow it.. and after one person another one is borrowing it again. so i told them to give it back to me when they are all finish.. xPok i will watch it when im free..i think its kinda funny i recommend it also to my friends.do you have so arashi stuffs? dvd something like that.. just asking.. ^^

  8. How great that your friends enjoy Iwo Jima so much :D That's really a great movie indeed!
    I have the Arashi CD: "Arashic" and Iwo Jima DVD, nothing else. . .
    I would like to get some concert dvds and their movie "Kiroii Namida", but I need a job first XD What about you?
    I own the "NEWS Concert DVD: Never Ending Wonderful Story" It's really good! :3

  9. wow.. still your lucky.i have nothing except iwo jima… that's all i have..T_____________________Ti really want to have some concert dvd or any stuff of arashi.and to buy but i dont have enough money TT^TT…it was really my dream.. and ofcourse to go to japan to see them in person and to watch their concert <3

  10. I know what you mean…
    I would really like to watch a concert with Arashi in real life! That would be unbelievably awsome!! XD Maybe I would go crazy, haha ^O^
    Yesasia.com is a great site to buy some Arashi stuff, when you get some money XD I want a job SO BAD… TT_TT#

  11. yah yah yah.. actually when im thinking about it i want to cry cause im always hoping that i can go to japan.. maybe if im born rich i can go to the places i want like japan. and i can have some stuffs of JOHNNYS.. so sad that i can't get job right now cause im still studying and im too young to work. T_T whoah o_O..! maybe when i see them in person. i hold their hands. i
    would go crazy too show some kawaii performance, some rabu rabu OHMIYA
    and mostly when i catch their flying kisses..FAINTS*is arashi famous in your country?my friends also told me that YESASIA.com is a great site. but will you please give me some advice regarding to how will i pay it. and how to buy.. arigatou and gomenazai.

  12. is arashi famous in your country?not really… well I'm sure they got fans here, but I don't hear of them XD I can't buy anything with Arashi or any other stuff with Johnny's, I buy it all from the internet… Quite irritating actually :<
    Hmm about Yesasia, you need a credit card account to buy all things on the internet, if you got that, it shouldn't be hard for you to buy stuff.
    I use a VISA card, but you also need to have a internet bank account. Because if you don't, the order can't be placed on your credit card account via the internet. And then you need to register as a member on yesasia too, which is easy. When you got all of that done, you need to type in your card's information, and then you can begin ordering at yesasia.
    I'll get to how to buy later ^__^

  13. whoah?its hard ne~?i cant understand it really..*i want a arashi stuffs before my birthday!!!!!!!!!!thats my priority number 1but i dont think i can buy one. cause i dont even have a bank account.T__________________________Tarashi is not so familiar in our country. some may know but they are not a diedhard fans like me. LOLxP. and most of them only knows JUN and they were shocked that JUN has a group. i hope someday they will visit our country so that i can see them in person.do you have yahoo messeger account?

  14. too bad :<
    Don't your parents have a bank account you could use? :3 At least people know Jun in your country, I can't say that about my country –_–;
    I got msn, do you want me to pm it to you? ^__^

  15. yah.. yah..so sad.. and they never plan to have one..maybe i will request it to them so that i can buy arashi stuffs on the net..im so desperate this days.. >.<too bad.. but do you have friends who likes arashi too like you?ok pm it to me.. arigatou..BTW.. belated happy aniversary to arashi..see my page if you have time,, comments are appreciated.. thankS

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