Ohno is EVIL XD yay!


I've just watched the first episode of Maou, it was so cool! XD I can't wait for the next episode!! Ohno was really cool and evil  :evil1:SUTEKI!<3  Unfortunately Nino only made apperaence in one single scene (NANDE?!!) -_-

But Toma-kun did a nice job with his role too, I like his new hair by the way ^__^ The occult girl named Shiori was quite cool too, I hope she will appear in the next episodes as well, that would be great! One last opinion, the theme song "truth" by Arashi was the sure thing which hooked me to watch this.

It was so different, it was nice for a change with this more mysterious and dark theme, than happy and up-beat kind of songs. If you know what I mean? This drama really seems promising in my point of view! ^O^

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