Ping Pong drama

Yesterday and today I watched episode 3 and 4 (out of 6) of the Norwegian mini series "Ping Pong" and I really liked them! :D

The show is about the 12 year-old adoptive girl Catia from China, who lives in Norway. She plays ping pong in her spare time and she wants to be the greatest ping pong player in the world. Besides that, she is having a tough time feeling like an outsider among her friends, especially her rival Oda. After she has participated in The Norwegian Championship in Ping Pong, Catia and Oda are sent to The World Championships in Beijing. Now Catia gets her chance to both win the tournament and find her roots. Because she has never been in contact with her parents.


At the arrival in Beijing the two girls get a Chinese/English guide. The girls and the guides are about the same age, and Catia and her guide Shu Bing (who's a boy, which I discovered a little late XD) become good friends. Catia is doing fine in the tournament, but before then she unfortunately gets lost in the streets of Beijing. Luckily for her, some Chinese band members help Catia find her way back to her friends. The tournament gets tougher, and Shu Bing is developing feelings for Catia. But Catia can only think of her missing family. Will she ever get to know her past?


I really like ping pong, and I would like to play it. So this series really caught my attention when it aired on TV. I'm also a big fan of anything of Asia, and the main character is from China, which seemed a lot more interesting! X3 

And then, I really didn't expect that Nordisk Film would take all the way to China filming this series, with REAL Chinese actors! :O (The series's budget reached 15 million) The boy who played Shu Bing was really cute, at first I actually thought he was a girl, with his cute voice and friendly face XD I'm so stupid! I look forward to the last two episodes, who is airing next weekend ^O^ In Norway the series will be out on dvd the 24th of September, I hope I can buy it here in Denmark as well.


CATIA (Kaja Flo Hauge)

Age: 12

She's the main character and plays ping pong. She's the typical tomboy who likes to play sports and isn't that interested in girl stuff. She lives with her Norwegian adoptive parents, who's about to get her a "little sister" in other words a real daughter. Catia feels left out, and wants to know more about her background. 


ODA (Christine Fagerheim Hestnes) 

Age: 12

At first she is Catia's friend, but as the tournament progress she becomes Catia's greatest opponent. Which turns things up and down in their friendship. Oda's relationship to her father changes when Catia, angry after a defeat, tells the truth about Oda's father.


 Shu Bing (Shi Lei) 

 Age: unknown

He's Catia's English translating guide, who immediately becomes friends with Catia. Shu tells Catia that his name means "brave warrior" and asks Catia about the meaning of her name. But Catia doesn't know… He's a very friendly boy and wants to help Catia find her family in China. Shu develops warm feelings for Catia, even though he knows there can't be love between guide and master.  

More pictures of the actress who plays Catia

Kaja Flo HaugeKaja Flo Hauge1

I hope to see her in more Norwegian movies or series ^o^

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8 responses

  1. I think it's a cute drama, maybe a little childish, but who cares? ^O^ Sometimes it's nice to watch stuff like that too<3 Don't they show this series on TV in Finland? I can watch it here in Denmark :O

  2. Well, I think it's a language differences in question. Finnish language is completely different compared to Norwegian, Swedish & Danish. Although NOR, SWE & DAN are not 100% similar they are still near each others. So Danish can more easily get aong with NOR & SWE.
    I've studied Swedish first in high school and then in university but I'm still not comfortable with it. Swedish is Finland's second language as they say. But if I must to talk to Swedish person I like to communicate with English because I know it much better than Swedish.
    They do show often Swedish films, series & other programs here in Finland but Danish stuff is as rare as Norwegian here.

  3. Okay I see :) I have heard Finnish have more in commen with Russian? Is that correct? I'm definately lost when it comes to Russian XD Haha
    I watched the last two episodes of Ping Pong today, they were really great and exciting! I would wish there were more episodes, but this is a mini drama…
    Anyway! I would like to get this on DVD ^o^ maybe behind the scene footage follow? XD

  4. Finnish language is far away from Russian but we have got some loanwords from Russia because Finland has been part of Russia before our independence. But I think we have even more loans from Sweden. Close languages for Finnish are Estonian and Hungarian. These three are called by the way Finno-Ugric languages.

  5. It's funny we learn about language in general, to get better at learning languages :) And then it was also written in our text book, that Finnish and the other 2 languages you named is Finno-Ugric languages ;P
    Danish is a North Germatic language ^__^ heh

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