New drawings ^O^










The first drawing is from Tekkonkinkreet (as the title says XD) My scanner ruined some of the colors, but I hope you can see the hard work I did on the colors? It took me a really long time! Especially Kuro's hair >O<

The second drawing is the character Naruse-sensei from Maou (Ohno Satoshi) which didn't took me that long to draw, but I'm pretty satisfied with this, because I usually don't draw real people at all, so it was quite a change for me. I know it doesn't look like him very much, but well I'm a newbie in this area XD  

and yesterday I finally got my copy of Taiyo Matsumoto's manga series "Black & White" aka Tekkonkinkreet! Subarashii desu nee<3

 To my big surprise, a cute poster with Kuro and Shiro (aka Black and White) followed with this all-in-one version. So great! I like it very much so far, and the story from the manga is almost the same to the film. The drawing style is really unique too. Suki desu<3

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