~Twilight~ the best vampire book ever!

I've just read the book "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer this weekend, it blew me away!! :O I simply just loved the story and the way the narrator told the story through Bella's eyes, SO exciting! And I loved the vampire Edward XD Really -  WOW! 

I'm already reading the next book in the saga: New Moon. It's really exciting! I want to know about, what's going to happen between Bella and Edward >O< I hope Edward comes back! T__T 


And then to the MOVIE! :O I'm really looking forward to this. The actors are just perfect in my opinion, exspecially Bella and Edward X3 And Robert Pattinson looks so hot with this look! I didn't like his look in Harry Potter XD I have watched Kristen Stewart in "Panic Room" she's a really nice actor too :D

I hope this film will come to the theatres in Denmark too, I'm not satisfied with a DVD release >.<


Today I made this drawing, and I think You can guess the reason why ^__~

My scanner ruined all my shadows, but elsewhy I'm pretty satisfied with my drawing :D

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