Tokyo Boy「東京少年」

I have just watched this brilliant and amazing movie with Maki Horikita, who really impressed me. I can't describe how well I think of this movie, it was just so good!!  

Maki plays a girl called Minato with a split personality, which is caused by a trauma from her childhood when her parents died in a car accident. To get through her loneliness she begins to write with a penpal called Naito (Night) a boy about her age. She writes about her daily life and problems, and he always answers with caring words. One day she meet the boy Shu (Takuya Ishida), who confesses his love to her. Minato likes Shu a lot and they are together when she is free from work. But just as they are getting more and more close, Shu suddenly is apprehensive around her and acting oddly. Minato suspects Naito to be the cause, but when she tries to meet him he never shows up. With good reason! Because Naito isn't a real person, he's Minato's split personality, who tries to push Shu away whenever it's possible. Naito is jealous of Shu and wants him to disappear. But Naito in the end he realises that he's actually ruining Minato's happiness and decides to leave her be. A very sad story, but really touching too!!

Maki's really good at playing a boy, I actually thought Naito was hot and I'm a girl! XD haha  If you haven't watched it yet, watch it on Crunchy Roll! It's too good to miss this great movie!

Here's the link (as long as movie is available!):  

MinatoMinato mail boxNight and shu

Here's a MV with the movies ending theme and some clips from the movie ^^

It's a really nice song, if someone know who's singing it please tell me please!  

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