~Shugo Chara 2009 Calendar~

~Today I finally got the Shugo Chara calendar I ordered! XD Yatta!

It's wasn't kind of like I imagined, well the paper's a little thin you know? But the pictures are totally gorgeous<3 And then there followed these cute stickers with the package ^O^ 

I put the pink sticker with devil Utau-chan on my cellphone ^_^ But I haven't used the others yet… Too valuable you know? XD Dekinai dekinai…But now to the gorgeous pictures!









Nice pictures eh? ;) I especially love the august and december pictures X3 But I can't wait to place this calendar on my wall, it's going to be right beside my bed! ^___^ hehe ;3 

Btw, sorry about the bad quality of the pictures… Sumimasen! DX It's just the blitz who's ruin it every time…

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