I read Sputnik for my second time ^^

Sputnik sweetheart

I just loved reading Sputnik ~ Sweetheart by Haruki Murakami, so now I'm rereading the book :D I think I read it the first time a time back in 2007, but I'm not quite sure. There had just passed a lot a time so now I wanted to read it again ^_^

I like the way the narrator tells the story (we don't hear his name…) but sometimes we also get the story from other perspectives.

Briefly said, the story's about this guy who's in love with the girl Sumire, but he tells us the story how Sumire fell in love with the woman Miu, who's 17 years older than her. When Sumire meets Miu for the first time she is offered a job as her assistant. Even though Sumire's call is writing she cannot resist her. Sumire change herself a lot to be together with Miu. One day Sumire is going with Miu on one of her business travels to both Italy, France and Greece, but when they're in Greece the story's narrator suddenly gets a call from Miu, discovering that Sumire's missing. They search all over the Greek island but Sumire's not to be found. Can a person really disappear in thin air?  

I think the reason why I enjoyed this book so much, was because it was so different. This was also my first Haruki Murakami book. Murakami describes his persons like very lonely people, even though the story takes place in Japan (with a quite big population I must say) but this story tells us, that even though you live among many people, you can still be lonely as the sputnik in outer space. 

This book also got me into classical music because Murakami's characters have a big love for classical musicians like; Lizst, Chopin, Beethoven, Mozart, Shubert, Debussy ect. I personally love Franz Lizst a lot! ^o^ Especially "Un Sospiro" and "Liebestraum No. 3" 

Pictures; The first cover's the American version, the second cover's the Danish version (I read) ^__~ 

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