Seigi no Mikata ~Ally of Justice~

I've just watched the drama "Seigi no Mikata" and I really enjoyed it! XD The story was really funny and the characters great! Youko (Shida Mirai) was the whole time toyed around by her big sister, it gave a funny rush to the story :D Besides, one of my favorite guys played the heroines love interest!<3 Hongo Kanata desu ^O^ He's so so hot! wiii~ X3

The big sister Makiko blew me away with her evil glare and strong performance >O< All the time I felt sorry for her husband Naoki XD haha  And then there was the wife and mother-in-law war going on, totally hilarious ^ . ^

I would had liked to see more of the relationship between Youko and Riku, but I enjoyed the scenes I got :D Especially Riku calling Youko "Yo! Kumako" – so sweet<3 XD I don't know what to think about the ending, maybe a little disappointing? I felt like I missed another final episode to end it properly… But maybe that's just me? :<

  This was one of my favorite scenes through the drama XD ~kya!

Youko was so funny doing this act! XD

The cinema trip, heh ^^

It was cute when they cooked together<3

Youko's friends always spied on Youko's and Riku's conversations ^O^

His smile just melts me away… Sigh

Here's some other great pictures from the series ^^


Next I wanna watch Tantei Gakuen Q – a detective series with Shida Mirai (love her name by the way! Mirai means

 'future' in Japanese XD) I'm loking forward to it ^^

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