Seigi no Mikata ~Ally of Justice~

I've just watched the drama "Seigi no Mikata" and I really enjoyed it! XD The story was really funny and the characters great! Youko (Shida Mirai) was the whole time toyed around by her big sister, it gave a funny rush to the story :D Besides, one of my favorite guys played the heroines love interest!<3 Hongo Kanata desu ^O^ He's so so hot! wiii~ X3

The big sister Makiko blew me away with her evil glare and strong performance >O< All the time I felt sorry for her husband Naoki XD haha  And then there was the wife and mother-in-law war going on, totally hilarious ^ . ^

I would had liked to see more of the relationship between Youko and Riku, but I enjoyed the scenes I got :D Especially Riku calling Youko "Yo! Kumako" – so sweet<3 XD I don't know what to think about the ending, maybe a little disappointing? I felt like I missed another final episode to end it properly… But maybe that's just me? :<

  This was one of my favorite scenes through the drama XD ~kya!

Youko was so funny doing this act! XD

The cinema trip, heh ^^

It was cute when they cooked together<3

Youko's friends always spied on Youko's and Riku's conversations ^O^

His smile just melts me away… Sigh

Here's some other great pictures from the series ^^


Next I wanna watch Tantei Gakuen Q – a detective series with Shida Mirai (love her name by the way! Mirai means

 'future' in Japanese XD) I'm loking forward to it ^^

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  1. ÌNice review. Well, I had to sacrifice a night’s sleep to binge watch, but it was worth it. SPOILER ALERT! I loved Yoko for how naive and simple she was, her love for even her tormenting and evil sister. Yoko was like her father, good – natured, obedient and out of luck. Makiko, her elder sister, was beauty with brains, but was cold, manipulative, bully, brash and plain lucky. She was a copy of her mother. Although the potrayal was intended to be funny, it was ironic that someone as good as Yoko was actually used by her evil sister and had to in the end sacrifice her own fun and happiness to live under her complete shadow.

    As it happens in real life, the good and the simple do not necessary end up as winners, but the evil and cunning actually get their way around. However, in dramas, it is weird not to see this happen, and I was in fact let down by the ending. Yoko ended up more enslaved than she was earlier. Mikako ended up being more spoilt as ever, having manipulated everyone around her.

    It was heart-breaking to see Riku, the only person who understood Yoko, leave her although after having confessed his love for her. In a way, this is a lesson for people to be a bit selfish or to term it in a more politically correct way – look after their own interests. If you fail to do that, the world will surely take advantage of you and suck you dry.

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