It’s my birthday tomorrow! XD

Today I'm going to watch Twilight with my friends and tomorrow it's my birthday! So I'm really happy right now ^__^
I'm giving my twin sister the ShiNee Calendar 2009! I hope she will love it ;D

I think it's going to be two wonderful days!

 And then I have just ordered a movie and two CDs:

Movie: Hinokio

CD: Buono! 2

CD: Berryz Koubou 5(FIVE)

I can't wait to get them XD heh And then I also ordered some books on amazon:
Calling You by Otsu-ichi (love this author!)

GOTH manga – story by Otsu-ichi (read the original book)

I'm looking forward to read GOTH in manga version ^^ And I'm going crazy with impatience of watching the movie, which was released in theathers December the 20th in Japan… Must watch… can't wait…! >O< Here's a picture from the movie.

Kanata Hongo and Rin Takanashi look awsome! Actually this is Rin's very first movie, it's going to be exciting to watch such a new actress :D She looks like Morino, that's for sure! And Kanata is really cool as the main protagonist Itsuki XD Kya~!

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  1. No because is already on the album ^O^ I simply just love it! I can higly recommend it<3 I also ordered Berryz newest album, it's really nice too :D
    Have you heard about GOTH? ;)

  2. Oh.. yeah It is in the album..and so are the other past singles.Berryz? New album?.. they have?..I only know about their new single Dakishimete Dakishimete:)It's soo cool!Yes I have but I haven't watched it.. Kanata is in it right? friend told me about it..btw, Do u like Shugo Chara Egg?

  3. I mean Berryz's newest album 5(FIVE) ^^ It's really cool!<3
    I first discovered Berryz had a new single today, so then I run to youtube and watched the PV which was totally awsome! XD Well you can read rest of my opinion in my post about the new single ^__^
    And yes I love Shugo Chara Egg! :3 Watched their new PV "Shugo Shugo" it's SO cute!<3 But even though they are cute, they can't beat Buono >:D
    I like Miki the best, what about you? ^^

  4. Oh.. sorry.. hehe.. I wasn't a fan of Berryz yet when they released that..Okay~~.. I think it's cool too and the dance!!!! I love it!I like Buono more~~ too, I like the one cosplaying Su~ She's cute..Kanon Fukuda..^^.I don't really like the one cosplaying Ran, Maeda Yuuka.. but she's great in High-King.

  5. Eh you don't like Yuuka huh? I think she's cute and energetic – perfect for Ran ^^ I like Kanon too, she almost to cute to bear it XD haha
    Hmm what do you think about Dia? (can't remember her name >O<;)

  6. I like her.. but not that much~ but yes she fits the role^^.and she's good at dancing~ love her in cinderella complex by high-king xD.Yes.. she is^^.I think her name is Wada Ayaka..she's nice..~, I don't like her very much.. don't know why xP.You?.. do you like her?

  7. Yes.. she has ne?..She doesn't look like she's pure Japanese to me..Yes.. agreed~, She doesn't fit.. the character..and I don't really like her voice.. it's okay.. but.. i don't like it very much xP.Their dances are always cute ne~~^^.

  8. congrats on being #4 on google search when i looked up "goth movie Otsuichi"lol! but yeah i can't wait to see that movie either. i didn't realize it came out 6 months ago :O so recent!!have you seen it yet?i've searching but i don't know where to see it :( i wanna buy the dvd!!!

  9. wow really?? XD
    that's cool!
    You can't watch the movie yet, because it hasn't been released yet… >o<; Really annoying actually! I would really like to watch it and have it on dvd of course XD Have ýou read the book or the manga? :)

  10. lol yeah!yeah when i found it that it was barely released in december i was saddd :( cos i know it's gonna take a while for it to be on dvd…-lesigh-but yeah kanata's supposed to be 18-ish huh. he doesn't even look it! he looks like a 12 year old :( lolactually no i didn't know there was a manga to it until after i saw the preview XDbut the cover art looks soooooo goood i think i'll start reading it soon that i think about, i have seen the cover before some years ago but i wasn't attracted by it because i thought "oh it's titled goth, it's probably some cliche lame-o story" but i was so wrong T_T that's what i get for judging a book by it's cover. or in this case, title…

  11. Haha, sorry, but that sounds kind of hilarious XD I know the feeling, titles are really importent somehow :) I've read the manga, and it was really cool, but the book is even better ^^

  12. lol i'm glad you think it's hilarious and not pathetic ^_^ lol or maybe it's the same thing? meh i think it's pretty stupid of me too. lol!i love manga just cos of the drawing and expressions and artbut the book versions of them prove to be really good :O it's amazing what people can do with words so skillfully…so i think i'll start off reading the book first XD lol

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