Buono Concert ~hybrid punch~ 2009!

I simply can't wait to watch Buono's first official concert, which just finished in Japan. The picture over the text is from the concert booklet, which looks awsome! XD Below's some other nice pictures<3


I really hope each member will do a solo in this concert(well I can always dream right? XD) Even if it's only Momo it's okay! ^^ Well I'm sure this is going to be a great concert, well Buono's always great/awsome!<3

Looking forward to the tracklist ^_~


4 responses

  1. I’ve heard about this..Can’t wait to see it!..I only watched their FC concert in youtube..The Rock’n Buono.. but I didn’t finish it yet..

  2. Yeah me too, watched most of the rockin’ buono concert on youtube, but didn’t have the time to watch all videos XD The great about Buono’s new concert is that it’s public, which means you can buy it on DVD! :D Then I can watch it all on my tv instead of the internet ^^ That’s way better nee?
    Btw, found the track list ^^ Theck it out in my new post ;D

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