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Yesterday I watched this great movie called Little DJ ~chiisana no monogatari~ with Kamiki Ryuunosuke and Fukada Mayuko XD I really loved it! But the ending was really sad, I cried a little, couldn't help it.

The story's about a 12-year-old boy named Takano Tarou (Kamiki) who suffers from a blood disease and gets hospitalized in a small town in Hokkaido (1977). In the little hospital the head physician gives Tarou the possibility of being DJ-host on the hospital's lunch broadcast. Tarou makes the life better for many of the patients with his youthful voice and 70'es j-pop music. A girl gets hospitalized after a car accident, who everyone call her "the mummy" because of all her bandages. But one day she is moved into the same room as Tarou and she introduces herself as Umino Tamaki (Fukuda). Tamaki is a charming and energetic girl and for Tarou it's love at first sight. But as there relationship begins to evolve, Tarou's disease gets worse. This is a true story of first love and heartfelt moments, but not to forget a sad one too.   

I really liked the actors. Of course I watched the movie because of Kamiki-kun >w< hehe He's such an cute actor, My love for him has just kept growing since Tantei Gakuen Q. ^^ Fukada-san was really nice in this movie too. She's a very charming person like Kamiki-kun ^___^ You can just feel the nice chemistry between them, just look at the picture in the top XD kawaii 

As you maybe had guessed from the title, this movie is about radio DJ-ing and music. The movie had a great music score, and I was able to find the soundtrack ^O^ yay 

Track list:

1. Somebody To Love (Queen)
2. Little DJテーマ
3. 亜麻色の髪の乙女
4. DJ voice by太郎
5. SHOW(シュガー・ベイブ)
6. DJ voice by太郎
7. ブルースカイ
8. DJ voice by太郎
9. タイムマシンにおねがい(サディスティックミカバンド)
10. 憧れの人
11. 恋のダイヤル6700
12. DJ voice by太郎
13. 亜麻色の髪の乙女(ヴィレッジ・シンガーズ)
14. 別れ
15. St.Michel/THE Lost Concert
16. Adagio Concert/The Lost Concert
17. 愛のワルツ
18. Little DJテーマ ストリングス・オーケストラ
19. 年下の男の子(キャンディーズ)
20. 年下の男の子(キャンディーズ)

 You can download the torrentfile here

Here's some movie captures from the movie ^^


If you haven't watched this amazing movie yet, go watch! XD

Now I would really like to watch Tôku no sora ni kieta (Into The Faraway Sky) also with Kamiki starring ^_^

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