Twilight – japanese covers and illustrations

I found this on a cool Twilight website, the japanese covers and illustrations XD They are really nice!

Here's the first covers of Twilight (the series was made into 13 parts)

Twilight volume 1Twilight volume 2Twilight volume 3

Neat covers, but why does Edward's hair color change through each cover?? XD

The names of the first 3 volumes:

  1. "The Boy Whom I Love is a Vampire"
  2. "Blood Tastes Sadness" 
  3. "The Vampire Family in the Darkness"

Here's some of the illustrations to Twilight

First SightSaving youSaving youBloodtyping accidentBella and JessicaBella and Mike (gym)Football nightMeadow SceneMeeting the familyEdward and Calisle (past)James, Victoria and LaurentAlice visionJames attackClimax

Here's the covers of New Moon

Twilight volume 4 (new moon)Twilight volume 5 (new moon)Twilight volume 6 (new moon)

How can it be Jacob isn't on any of these covers? DX

The names of volume 4-6:

  • 4. "The Fang Whispers Sweetly"
  • 5. "Month of the Wolf"
  • 6. "The Angel of Sighing"

Here's some of the illustrations to New Moon

Twilight japanese versoinEdward photosJasper going havocJacobBella with jacobNightmaresFulmoonThe wolf PackStorytellingThe Martyr BrideBella almost drowningAro and Co.Alice (before vampire)Bella and Jacob

The first  picture is really nice… Aro looks exactly like I have imagined him XD The picture of Alice past is really great too, a rare sight :O The wolf pack's here too! They look awsome ^o^ 

Here's the covers of Eclipse

Twilight volume 7 (eclipse)Twilight volume 8 (eclipse)Twilight volume 9 (eclipse)

Again how can it be Jacob isn't here? >O< But anyway, lovely covers! Especially the first one ^^

Here's some of the illustrations to Eclipse

BellaEdward with BellaEdwardCool JacobJasperBella with wolf jacobGraduationTrail of Bella's scentWe will protect you!Victoria's rageJacob's choiceJane and Co.The Cullens

I'm totally in love with the picture of Bella and Wolf Jacob…<3 I hope the wolfs in the New Moon movie will look like this version XD Jane looks nice too, she actually looks like Dakota Fanning :P and look at Jasper (from his past) – cool XD

Here's the covers of Breaking Dawn

Twilight volume 10 (breaking dawn)Twilight volume 11 (breaking dawn)Twilight volume 12 (breaking dawn)Twilight last volume

I couldn't find the right cover of volume 10, but just look at the last cover! *Drools* I adore it! X3 It's totally my favorite cover!<3

Here's some of the illustrations to Breaking Dawn

Bride BellaBella and AliceBella and Jacob dancingHoney Moon nightOh no! I'm pregnant!Jacob talking to BellaJacob and wolf packPregnant Bella with EdwardBella transformationEdward and Bella huntingRenesmee and Co.The confrontationAro vs. Bella and EdwardAlice and Jasper returnHugThe End

Renesmee is so cute! XD But I'm a little disappointed about Bella's transformation to vampire – she looks exactly the same! X< And then you can't hardly see she's pregnant XD haha But the picture of Edward in the water… ~Kya~ I like Alice very much on the first picture of her and Bella with the dress, she looks great! 


I think it would be cool if the twilight series would be made into a manga series too, 'cus as you see here, they got the talent to do it! and do it good XD I'm sure it would turn out popular :P

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6 responses

  1. o i love your layout :O
    and i love how much you're into japanese entertainment!i gotta say, i don't really like how there's a manga for twilight T_T it's interestingly odd how they have manga for american movies/entertainment i.e. twilight, highschool musical, world of warcraft, sorta bothers me hahah but w.e to each his/her own…

  2. Thank you very much ^__^ It's nice to get a compliment :D Well I simply just love Japan XD hehehe
    Well there isn't any real manga for Twilight, it's only some pictures/illustrations to the books. I think it's pretty neat :D
    Do you like twilight? :)
    and what music do you like? ^^ I'm just curious ;3

  3. Yeah I love Japan and it's culture/entertainment too. I wish I was just as much as into it as you though! lolOhh!!! I see, so it's not an actual manga. Just illustration…that's forgivable. LOL! I like twilight but to a certain extent. I refuse to read new moon, eclipse, and breaking down because I'd die of frustration and annoyance lol.Oh music? I like all sorts @_@ lol umm of course, american rock. UK and other european bands are good too.Examples of those would be: The Strokes, Nirvana, The Vines, Incubus, Franz Ferdinand, Artic Monkeys, We are Scientists. I love regina spektor :D.What else…I can stand some popl like the Spice Girls or a tiny bit of Britney Spears lol.Oh & I like techno/electronica like le tigre, m.i.a., CSS, etc.some metal, gothic.And of course japanese rock and pop and techno:D lolrock: miyavi, gazette, dir en grey, tommy february6, plastic tree, x-japan, buck tick, larc en ciel, remiomoren, etcpop: kat-tun, arashi, news, tegomass, tackey & tsubasa, SMAP, WaT, nujabesoh and korean pop! like dbsk, big bang, epik high, etc…chinese: jay chou XDi occasionally listen to classical, jazzm instrumental, indian, world music is great.unfortunately i don't know as many artists or groups as i would like :( so if you have any to share, by all means do so! i would really appreciate it! really! lolwhat about you?i'm ellise btw :D nice to meet you!

  4. Nice to meet you too! ^o^
    Sorry my answer comes this late.. Well have been taking a break from the PC for a while and then I open my mail box and have 54 waiting mails for me… Woah! XD
    I see you like many kinds of music :O I'm ashamed to say I only knew some of the japanese artists XD It's not because I don't know any english/american singers, but just not the ones you mentioned :/
    From the musicians you menttioned I also like: Tommy February6, Arashi, News and Tegomass
    Some you didn't mention were:
    Japanese – Yui, Buono!, Berryz, Ayumi Hamasaki, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Brilliant Green, Morning musume, Ghibli music, Ikimono-gakari ect.
    English/American — Paramore, Coldplay, Linkin Park, TaTu(well they are tecnically from Russia, but they sing in English so…) Placebo, Elvis, Michael Jackson, Ford minor, Katy Perry ect.
    Korean – Rain, Girls Generation, ShiNee and Wondergirls
    Danish – Capark north, Swan Lee, Thomas Barsøe, Sys bjerre ect.

    I hope it was a little useful :) you seem like a nice person ^^
    I'm Cecilie ;)

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