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  1. Hello your blog is very interesting , I love the way you write review and your comments about each j-drama and yeah I just finished watching Yankee kun to menage chan (i dont remember clearly the title of it) and I specially pay attendtion to Hongo LOL

    • Thank you :D I understand why you paid attention to Hongo Kanata, he’s really something special that boy xD I’m very glad you like my reviews, even though I don’t see them as anything special. It’s nice though to know somebody enjoys them ;)

      • I just watched Seigi no Mikata and compare to Yankee kun , hes not change much but feel like he looks like an adult which yankee kun more lol honestly, i’m a kpop fan but i found out japanese stuffs are so interesting ^^ Do you know Tori matsuzaka , Yui Aragaki or Miura Haruma ? I love three of them esp Gakky > v <

  2. Well of course Japanese stuff is interesting (much more interesting than Korean stuff. Lol, just kidding!) xD Have also watched Seigi no Mikata a long time ago. Was actually the first drama I watched with Hongo Kanata, good memories~ :3
    I know Haruma Miura and Aragaki Yui, but haven’t heard about Matsuzaka Tori – looks handsome though ;)

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