Finally it’s here!

GOTH is finally gets English subtitles on an UK release!!

They have given the movie the title: "GOTH – Love of Death" Sounds a little bit cheesy, liked the simple title better. But it doesn't really matter of course ;) What matters is the COVER! And here it is:

Personally I liked the Japanese version a lot better! This cover is just plain ugly.. Why choose such an unimportant picture?? Well they probably tried to make the movie look more like a HORROR film… What a shame :/

But I can't be complaining now. It's already made it to Europe, that's just the best! XD Yay

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New H!P and Ghibli stuff! ^3^

I finally recieved my order yesterday, I'm SOO HAPPY!! X3 As you can see on the picture I got:

– Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea 2-disc DVD (Hong Kong Version)

– Berryz Koubou: Dai 2 Seichouki [第②成長記] Limited Edition (Japan Version)

– Berryz Koubou Concert Tour 2009 Haru ::: Sono Subete no Ai ni (Japan Version) 

+ Gashapon: Kuro Neko cell phone strap!<3

I've lisened to the Berryz album, and it's great as always ^^ I also watched the Berryz concert dvd, and it really impressed me. I think it's the very best concert I have watched from Berryz so far. The clothes and the stage was stunning, and the track list was really great too. Some of the members cried at the last song, which was quite amazing! (I won't say which members here - you'll have to watch for yourself ;3) I also think hey proved themselves much more grown up in this concert, not only the choice of clothes, but also the way they just seemed so natural on the stage. It's was a great exsperience – I really recommend this! (^o^)/

Ponyo DVD + Berryz Concert og CD 002Ponyo DVD + Berryz Concert og CD 003Ponyo DVD + Berryz Concert og CD 006Ponyo DVD + Berryz Concert og CD 007Ponyo DVD + Berryz Concert og CD 004Ponyo DVD + Berryz Concert og CD 005Ponyo DVD + Berryz Concert og CD 008

I have already watched Ponyo, when I was on summer vacation in France. But I watched it with French dub, so it was a little hard to understand it all. Now when I have wathed the movie with original dub and english subs, it was much easier to understand. I loved the way Sosuke loved Ponyo for the person she was, it was so cute! XD And then the whole warm family feeling in the movie was really great. It's been a very long time that Ghibli has made I movie like this – you know like Totoro ^_~

And then I have also ordered the "Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea – Original Soundtrack", I can't wait to get my hands on it! :D Joe Hisaishi forever!   

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