I love ~Strapya-World~

I simply just love the website http://www.strapya-world.com, you can just get anything imaginable for your phone! X3 Today I received my second order from the shop, it's incredible fast delivery (4-7 days! From Japan to Denmark) ^o^ I ordered a lot of things (as you can see on the picture above) I also got the Totoro Planner/Schedule book for 2010, it's so cute! Here's more pictures:


  I'm also really crazy about the Neko Thief key chain!<3


This phone strap can glow! ^O^ Cute ~nee?


Here's close up pictures of the rest ^^


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Finally! The new Paramore album is here XD

Today the new Paramore album Brand New Eyes went on sale, and of course I had to get myself a copy! ^__^
I'm a big fan of Hayley Williams, she's so cool! I think she has a very unique and beautiful voice :D
Their new album is absolutely wonderful! I really like it! But of course I say that about everything Paramore has done XD [heh] The track "Ignorance" is really cool and very catchy – I keep getting the song in my head >w< Haha
I also liked the track "Playing God", "The Only Exception" and "Feeling Sorry" they are very different :)
Here's the back cover:

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Kigurumi Mania!

I've finally received my first kigurumi, which is a japanese pajama your can wear outside! (I bought mine in the brand "SAZAC" very fine quality for the money on the British homepage: http://www.kigu.co.uk) I'm planning on wearing mine on j-popcon 2009 (a manga and anime con in my country – something like anime expo) It's going to be awsome!


I choose the tiger because 2010 is the Year of the Tiger ;3 And otherwise I just loved the outfit!<3 My sister choose a panda kigurumi, ~sugoku kawaii~

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