Shugo Chara Musical?! :O

Wow, they have made a Shugo Chara musical! :O I discovered the great news on Hello!Online's site, it's just great! XD Maeda Yuuka is playing the leading role Hinamori Amu, which I think is a brilliant choice. She was Amulet Heart in Shugo Chara Eggs, where she portrayed the role really nicely. Now, when she has taken the pink wig on, she just simply has become Amu!
Here's a picture of the other cast members.

Nadeshiko is played by co-member Fukuda Kanon (Shugo Chara Eggs, S/mileage) which I first found a little bit odd, but now I have gotten used to her and she actually looks all-right. I don't know the other actors, but most of them seem like fine choices. Tadase is played by a girl, which I find amusing ^_^ But it's also quitet fitting, because Tadase is probably the most girlish manga-boy I have stumbled upon in a long time! XD Haha
I like the girl who plays Rima, she seems cute and then her height fits with the manga character as well ^_~  To the costumes I think the blue ones are a little too bright, or is it just me? The read ones are great – no complains there ;)


The roles of Utau and Ikuto is again played by actors I don't know of. But I think the girl who plays Utau looks okay, but for Ikuto I would have liked a boy with more delicate features (like Hongo Konata!…In my dreams I guess…XD)


Costumes: Every cosplayer's dream!! *O* They look so nice<3

I really look forward to it's release in October, please sub it someone! XD I just need to watch this.

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