I’m in love~

I've just watched New Moon this Friday… And all I can say is: I totally adore it!!
Taylor was even more amazing as Jacob in tthan I had imagined. He is just so hot! >#< I'm more team Jacob now than ever XD The wolves were incredible, and they had really great facial expressions. The animated fur really looked like real fur! Really well done.

I was surprised about the beginning of the movie. They had visualized Bella's dream about her growing old with Edward forever young beside her. It was a breathtaking beginning, really great! Then of course I loved all the Jacob/Bella scenes, especially the one in Bella's room, when Jacob visits at night and gives Bella the clue. The hug was really intense… XD Sigh… And then the "almost kiss" scene… *dreamy*
The Volturi was


so intimidating! lol ^^ Now that I'm a fan of Dakota, I was bound to love her performance, but I will have to say that she really nailed this. With the read eyes and the grave mood – she was a totally different Dakota :OThen there were Aro, Caius and Marcus… They were fantastic! Sheen was perfect for Aro, he's such a talented actor

The ending scene of the movie was so nice.Jacob seemed so vulnerable when he left the scene… *sob* D'X And those wolf eyes he did; so cute! XD And then Edward ended the movie with the line "Marry me" all the girls screamed – haha ^O^ Actually they screamed through the whole movie  (sometimes I screamed too ^#^) The funniest time was when Jacob took his shirt of in the bike scene, the girls were really surprised, so the screams were even more intense XD haha

I will have to say this cimema experience has been one of the best I've ever had. I will never forget it.

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  1. Yes I'm so lucky XD Haha I'm going to watch it for a second time on Monday, I'm a crazy fan ^o^ The audience went wild every second minute, it was so funny! I hope you will watch it soon, it's so good :) Have you watched Twilight as well?

  2. W~ah!! a second time too~! I don't get to go to the cinema too often here (;´□`) and I do love being able to sit in a theater just experiencing the emotions and excitement along with everyone else~ (*´∀`*)♥I learned about this series really late (._.;)….but I do have the "Twilight" movie♥!!…so addicted from the very first scenes~ although I know I really should read the book too~ ^ ^。

  3. Yeah you should! XD They are the best ~ichiban desu!~^^ I look so much forward to tomorrow, when I'm going to watch the movie again ^o^
    How did you learn about the series? And what is your opinion of the first movie? :D And then the most important question: Are you team Edward or Jacob? X3

  4. E~hhh?!! you're so lucky to watch again~!! (*´∀`*)!!A friend at work told me about the books just as the first movie was being released and from there I've become hooked~! I loved the pacing of the story and how each of the characters were developed through the screenplay..so perfect really! And visually so amazing and stunning~!! My mom is hooked on this series too♥! Hmm..that is really difficult to say! Hmm…..if I really absolutely needed to choose then I'd have to be with Edward…no Jacob…no Edward..really…………I think…(^q^)!

  5. Haha ^O^ you're funny! ;D It was nice to watch the second movie again, it's a fantastic piece of work in my opinion XDI'm having a hard time picking teams too, but I'll have to choose Jacob, which always has hold a sore spot in my heart :3 He's just such a lovely boy ^#^ and hot too! Great that your mom like the series too, that's cool ;)

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