Seira’s such an unlucky girl!

I'm watching Shokojo Seira (小公女セイラ) right now and I'll have to say the protagonist is a really unlucky person >o< The story is based on Frances Hodgson Burnett's classic novel A Little Princess. I'm watching this series, because one of my favorite actresses from Japan is playing the main character:Shida Mirai-san XD I love her! But the first episodes were really really tough to watch, you just felt so sorry for her! I nearly couldn't stand it.. But now the story are starting to feel a little happier and Mirai's character Seira is finally starting to open her eyes for Kaito (Hayashi Kento – man that boy is hot!)<3 Yatta ;D   

I'm looking forward to the ending, I haven't got a clue; how it will end, other than I know how the original ends of course, but this version is so different from the original, so I'm very unsure XD Well I hope it turns out well, and I hope the evil  Maria-sama ends up being a much better person, because I really can't stand the bitchy personality >@<;;;
Here's more pics ^^


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  1. I so love dramas~ too!! I haven't had as much time to watch dramas recently~ but sometimes we have really wonderful shows broadcast here ^ ^。I want to watch "Shokojo Seira" too…I'm hearing of this drama for the very first time from you~! Arigatou~ o(*´∀`)o゛I hope it's on DVD~….will check! HYD♥ was so amazing and *perfect*~!! Matsujun♥…Ohguri Shun♥….Maochan♥..a~h!

  2. Suteki! Doramas are the best! I love Hana Yori Dango too!<3 Oguri Shun is love ^#^ Shokojo Seira is a great series too. I hope you will get the opportunity to watch it someday :3 But it went on air in October so it's probably too new for DVD ^_~ You can watch it on my soju

  3. U~n♥! o(*´∀`)o゛ A~h my mom loves my soju so much~!! I've watched a few Arashi related dramas recently…..some are older though like Ryusei no kizuna which was so so awesome!!! Quiz Show with Shokun and Smile with Matsujun and Aragaki Yui~ ^ ^。I've written down your suggested drama here~….will wait for DVD release to watch….thank you so much!!

  4. You're welcome ^^ Maybe I'll watch Ryusei no Kizuna too someday, when I get time XD Aaaah why do I have so little time? It's sad…Can you speak and understand Japanese since you'll wait for the DVD??

  5. Nino is really great in this drama♥ and the storyline has so many awesome~quirky things about it along the way that'll make you laugh~ which is really so unique as the story is mainly a very serious one~. I understand much more listening than I am fluent in speech~ and unless things become really technical with terms used than I can understand pretty well~ ^ ^。

  6. Cool, I'm definitely going to watch it someday ;) You're lucky that you understand Japanese pretty well >o< I can only understand the typical phrases and expressions you hear in everyday talk. But it's hard to get hold of all the verbs and prepositions… -__-; sigh

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