I've been watching Tsugunaga Momoko's solo DVDs recently and made some gif pictures ^^ This is my first time making them, so bear over with me XD I will upload all the gif pictures in three sizes: Normal, middle and small size. Please ask before taking ;) And credit will have to go to me – thanks. 

First one is: Momo and Tako-kun ^o^ ~douzo~

When I first watched the Momo Only dvd, I totally fell in love with her expression in this scene, so I just had to make a gif picture of it XD


Momo with Tako-kunMomo and Tako-kun

Sugi wa…. ~Momo in the Swim Ring~

This sequence made me laugh so hard! When it comes to funny and strange expressions – Momo's a natural!



Next one is also a swim ring scene: Momo the Water Peach!

She's just so cute in a swim ring! x3 One of my favorite gifs ^^



Now the last one: Hop, Step, JUMP!♥♪♫

Typical for Momo, she had to challenge herself with this hilarious game, where you have to count the numbers of jumps you can do, without touching the white lines XD apparently Maimi did this in her solo DVD, and now Momo wanted to break her record ^o^ Unfortunately she didn't make it! lol.

Momo eating mango at a mango farm ^^ In this scene she commented the unusually high and weird sounding noises the cicadas where making and did this smile – love you Momo!♥ XD

Here's the last screencaps from the Momo Ok DVD:  Momo on the beach :3


The Momo Ok DVD had audio commentary as well, and usually there's one person or two who sits and ask the main person about the scenes and actions to make the commentary move forward. But this is not the case with this commentary track! XD Momo did the commentary all by her self, and ended up saying all kinds of funny and weird stuff, really entertaining! ;D She's just the best idol ever~ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Please comment~♪

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8 responses

  1. I really love♥ your gifs~*!!! "Momo Only" is such a *cute~* DVD and so true she just has the best of expressions always~!!! Add in her helium♥ adorable voice and it's just pure ~♥~ o(*´∀`)o゛!!

  2. Mmm…for BK, C-ute and Momusu I have been writing and saving lists…most are here ^ ^。。with my Momusu lists starting from 2002. I'm so sorry these posts are linked together with so many but if you scroll down further to near the bottom my most recent Momusu, BK and C-ute favorite♥ member lists are from PTom's most recent H!P polls~♥ with his graphics (*´∀`*)。A~h! for Buono! it's Momo, Airiin then Miya although that's so difficult to choose them in order as I so adore~* each and every one of them!! S/mileage is so cute~*….my favorite member here is Yuukarin♥ and then Kanyon♥ but again I love S/mileage together so much and I'm so looking forward to their major debut in March….so long to wait though ne~ (;_;)!!

  3. Arh the names are in Kanji! to hard for me to understand XD But it's cool Momo is your number one in Buono! I agree of course ^^ But will have to say Miya comes in second imo ;) My favorites of S/mileage is Wada, Yuka, Saki and then Kanon :3 (I can't wait for their debut either!!!) Who's your favorites of C-ute and Berryz? :)

  4. ~Oh my most recent BK and C-ute favorite member charts are just a bit further down in that same link above~ ^ ^。I entered in Ptom's Hello!Blog poll…the earlier ones too when he had them for the separate groups in H!P♥.

  5. Oh now I found them ^^ (Stupid me…)Nice you like Risako and Momo!!<3 and Maimi is your favorite C-ute member, she's number 2 on my rank ;) My number one will always be Kanna-chan (miss her so much! TT-TT *sob*)Do you know when Ptom will do a poll for 2010? I'll like to post my rankings on my blog, but then it would be better to have the new poll pictures ^^Have just checked his blog for the first time – it's amazing! :O How does he make all those flashy features? xD

  6. Ptom is so so amazing with tech stuff~*…things I'm so awful at (._.;) I do think he will do an new H!P poll soon this year as he's consistently expanded them each and every year with amazing poll graphics and ease of use~*. I first met Ptom I think in late 2006…he's one of the most passionate fans of H!P♥ and really the sweetest~♥ of guys too!!

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