My first batch of H!P pictures from Hello! Store USA ^O^

I was really happy when I found these lovely pictures in my mailbox this morning ~^o^~ It's the first time I have ordered anything from the Hello! Store in USA and I'm really glad I did!<3 The H!P pictures are really nice quality and glossy too~ :3 I ordered 31 pictures in total, which cost me around $ 71! XD I'll have to admit I find Hello! Store USA's prices a little expensive (even though the prices are the same in Japan – lol) especially the shipping cost me a fortune, when you think about the envelope's size and weight… O.o (Yikes)
But for now, I'll try to forget the price and enjoy these wonderful pictures ^o^ I've always wanted some of these "collector" pictures every since I got into Hello! Project groups back in 2007, but never had the opportunity to buy them.. Then, the Hello! Store USA opened……… and my world changed! XD



hahah >:D

^My Hello! Project wall~<3

It's just fantastic to finally own some of these pictures myself. I feel like a wota now! ;P Mwahaha >:D Talking of wotas, I found this amazingly funny video on youtube recently called "How to be Wota" lol xD (Yeah the title just caught me attention :P)

It's the same guy who plays all the characters in the video, he's really good! :O It's so well made that I actually believed it was two brothers or something who had done the video together! x3 He has such nice humor :D
Just watch it, you wont regret it ^^
The same person has also made a mix of the Tokkaiko Junjou PV with C-ute and mixed it with the "Jai Ho" song by The Pussy Cat Dolls (even though I like the original the best) it's a really cool piece of work! ^.^b *thumps up*

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