Berryz in Thailand 2010

Right now Chinami, Yurina and Saki from Berryz Koubou is in Thailand promoting their future concert "Berryz Koubou – Live in Bangkok" It's going quite well, as they are really really popular in Thailand :O (Which I didn't know before recently)   
They have matured into fine young women! <3 

                                        Yurina's looks stunning with that look!

                                        Absolutely gorgeous Saki<3

                                     Chinami has really become a flower!

They have also taken pictures with traditional Thai headdresses! :O

                                             Beautiful goddesses :O

Apparently the King of Thailand is hospitalized right now, so today the three girls went to a public signing to wish the King good health for the future. That's what I call effective promotion! XD

With all this wonderful promotion, I think their concert is going to be the bomb! XD I wish I could attend it too…! >O<',

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