Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac

A trailer has finally slipped out for Maki-chan's new movie "Dareka ga Watashi ni Kiss wo Shita"! XD (or the original title "Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac")!!

  I'm so excited for this film, especially because
1) Maki Horikita is playing the main character
2) It's an American produced movie by Hans Conosa (which means international – sweet~baby~)
3) Yuya Tegoshi is playing one of the guys :P Love Tegoshi!!
4) I'm reading the book right now XD
5) There's a chance of international publishing (that means Denmark maybe – yeah! ^O^)

Here's pictures of the characters in the movie ;)

OMG! Matsuyama looks totally cute in this pose! X3 (New look I must say :O)

Maki cuts her hair! XD (Noooo)

Naomi's ambition: To photograph~

  The Three Guys… who is it?! XD

Naomi + Will (Mirai) = LOVE<3

I simply can't wait to watch this movie… It looks bloody brilliant!! And love the "teenage love" theme ^^ Just by the trailer it has a very American feel to it (mee likey!) and it's so different from the usual stereotype Japanese love movie<3 Yay~ I think it's going to be a fantastic movie ^O^ (I just know ;P)

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6 responses

  1. I really liked Makichan in "Nobuta wo produce!!" and the "Seishun Amigo" theme song~♥ by Kamenashi and Yamapi is so so catchy~*!!! I'm always watching such old dramas….gomen ^ ^。

  2. Oh, "Nobuta wo Produce" is a fantastic drama ^^ I discovered Yamapi in this drama<3 ^^ The song "Seishun Amigo" really got in my head xD It's a cool and unique Johnny's song :)I can't wait to watch Maki's first role in a foreign film! I've just finished the book (yesterday ;D) and now I'm really inpatient – haha ^O^ It's a good book, I usually don't read plain love stories (I have to get something little extra like: fantasy, horror or maybe some tragedy – I don't know ^^) but this book really caught me. Maybe because of the theme "amnesia", it's quite interesting, because I study psychology in school :) I recommend it ^__^

  3. A~hhh I also loved Yamapi in "Kurosagi", it aired here a short while ago….again I'm watching such old dramas ne~ (人∀`*)。。。I wanted to watch the movie version to but haven't had the chance just yet…sort of afraid of a sad ending lol~ (´⌒`。)!!The ending animation w/ "Seishun Amigo" was so cute~* too I thought…really really catchy~♥ song! Oh~ you've read the book too…you'll have so much more insight into the movie version….I really should read much more…(u_u*)! Psychology must be so amazing and interesting~* to study…gambatte ne with your studies ー(* ̄O ̄)ノ !!

  4. Watched the Kurosagi movie… Was a little disappointed though >_< Yes psychology is very interesting, but also hard to understand at times xD But I try my best ^o^ lol40% of Maki's lines in this movie is in English, and heard a little bit in this clip Was totally amazed by this video – her English skills are so good! :ONow I'm even more impatient xD hahaI really hope the movie gets an international release like Hans Canosa's previous movie "Conversations with Other Women" (even though it was a full English language movie! >-<) …..

  5. I love when Japanese actresses are given English dialog to perform and Maki speaks so well~*!! I saw the movie "Wasabi" and wasn't expecting Hirosue Ryoko to speak in English and thought maybe it would be dubbed (>_<);。。but she did all of her own dialog in English and it was quite good too~ =)! Jean Reno's in it, it's a comedy/action film I guess you could call it…entertaining if you get a chance to watch~. Hmm…maybe I won't watch the Kurosagi movie…I was sort of unsure on whether to watch or not..just so afraid of a sad ending as he's always so near to danger in the series~ (*´艸`)。

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