A bittersweet love story

I've just finished a wonderful book by Gabrielle Zevin: Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac

I must admit I only discovered this book, because one of my favorite actresses (Maki Horikita – 堀北真希) is staring in Hans Canosa's film adaption of this book ^o^;

She's cute right? ^^

But she's so talented too<3 Just watch any piece of her work, you'll know what I'm talking about ;)

(Typical of me to discover books only because they get adapted into movies >3<)

Back to the book ^O^
It's actually a very long time since I bought this book, but I have had a lot of other books to read before this one (while going to school, this can take a while >.<;). After finishing "ZOO" by Otsu-ichi, I thought: "Now it's time to read something less dark….!" xD When you look at the cover for this book, I think of a nice light and happy novel ~ ^o^
As soon as I got started on this novel, I couldn't put it down. Gabrielle Zevin writes in such a different way, for what I'm used too. It was a little hard adjusting to at first, but now I think the challenge was very much worth it. Zevin is a really talented writer :)

The theme "amnesia" proved to be a much more interesting quality in this book, than I expected at first :) I really liked the fact that the protagonist Naomi, being an amnesiac after the accident, suddenly had the opportunity to be a totally different person; such many opportunities…Even though she didn't know if her memory would come back she just wanted to live her life as it was now and distanced herself from the past, which of course felt alien to her.

I also liked the part where Naomi cuts her long hair; with each piece it felt like she got rid of someone's expectations of her – interesting way of thinking! ^o^b
The three boyfriends' drama was very entertaining, even though I felt a little sorry for the first guy, Ace XD haha
Naomi's friendship with Will (William) was so sweet<3 Maybe he was a little dorky at times, but I loved how the boy made her a CD mix every time something was up (I wish I had a friend doing the same thing for me!!) He's such a caring and loyal friend :') Really adorable~ (Tegoshi Yuya is totally perfect for this role XD)
Then there was James. I really liked him at first, but in the end I had a really hard time understanding him… The death of his brother really gave him a tough time :O I can not tell you any more, then I'll just spoil the ending xO That wouldn't be any fun ;)
But anyways, I really loved the ending – so perfect! In some kind of way it made an end to all the conflicts and struggles, which had troubled Naomi throughout the whole book, in a very natural and heartwarming way.

Totally recommend this book to everyone who would like a little different kind of love story ^___^

PS. Man it was hard picturing Naomi, when first watching the cover, then seeing the movie trailer xD The two girls look nothing alike, so I had a hard time choosing the look in my head, but in the end I went with Maki's look of course :p I'm going to watch the movie anyway ^_~   

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