A long awaited order arrives… ~*O*~

I've waited over a month for this order! Normally it only take 7-14 days for delivery for Yesasia, it's probably the wild winter weather we have had recently which slowed it down -_- But now I've finally received the wonderful goodies, I'm going to gush very very much over it ^O^ heheh ;)

My order consist of

  • Ranie's brand new album: Rainie & Love…?
  • The highly acclaimed Arashi concert: ARASHI Around Asia 2008 in Tokyo
  • The epic Berryz vs. C-ute concert in Nakayoshi: Berryz Koubou & C-ute Nakayoshi Battle Concert Tour 2008 (Berryz Kamen version)
  • Extra: Japan Mini – Rilakkuma Maskot Wall Pocket Christmas
I was really REALLY happy when I finally got to open up these little treasures! I opened the Rainie album first:

I was totally taken aback by the beautiful cover with Rainie<3 How can a gal be that pretty?! xD

I've never purchased a album in such a different shape and style! It's absolutely stunning! I got 4 postcards for her new drama "Hi! My Sweetheart!", I think they were randomly selected, because some of them were a little funny ^^; I'm totally in love with the booklet – it's baby pink!!!<3 I adore the "rain" theme, she looks good damn gorgeous in that white dress! The umbrella handle was decorated with white little pearls – LOVE!! And then, they have somehow managed to make the rain look pink, it's so girly and pretty<3 ;3

Now to the songs.
The first track I've already heard many times in the new drama – "Yu Ai" but now listening to the full version and in much better quality, I think the song is even better! It's such a beautiful song<3 ^^ The second song "In Your Eyes" is a duet with Show Luo (the guy who plays the male protagonist in Hi! My Sweetheart) and when I heard it the very first time, I had a little shock, because I didn't expect a male voice just after the first song! Lol xD But the song was pretty nice, but not something special :)
The third song ROCKS! XD "Tick Tock (Beat The Clock)" is such a cool song and reminds me of electro pop! (and the tick tock part reminds me of "What Are You Waiting For" by Gwen Stefani!) Probably my favorite song on the whole album! :O
Then the three following songs are all ballads – very normal Rainie songs – but otherwise fantastic as always<3
The seventh song "On The Beat" also has a quite different style than her previous songs. It's an up-beat, cute and very much hilarious song :D I really like it, at any rate one of my favorite songs<3 ^o^
The eight song "Jue Dui Da Ling" has a somewhat acoustic feel to it? It sounds really lovely and is a very relaxed song – also one of the top songs on this album ;3
The lyrics for the ninth song "Love Rocks" are really crazy! In the chorus Rainie sings in such a fast pace that it on some point sounds like pure gibberish (maybe because I don't understand Chinese? lol) but it actually make the song stand out and after hearing a couple of times, it's a really great and neat song<3 ^o^b Also one of my favorites.
The tenth song plays so suddenly you can't believe it XD Haha The final song on the album "Er Du Lian Ai" is (surprisingly) a ballad song ^3^ It's a pretty song, but then again – she has done so many ballads now, it's not the most sensational song on the album. If you know what I mean? ^-^; But still a nice song :)
My final opinion of this album is: Fantastic album – my favorite of the whole bunch!<3 :D
(Always wanted to do this –>) Rating: 9/10 ~

Berryz KamenBerryz Kamen 3-ninKanna RangerMomo KamenBerryz Kamen Concert

Afterwards, I opened the Berryz/C-ute concert DVD, and as always the cover is in a smooth quality~ (wonderful, wonderful ^O^) Watched it this evening, and I got to describe it with one word: EPIC!
When Berryz and C–ute perform with combined power, it gets on a totally different level :O They look so good together xD But then the concert also made me a little sad, because Kanna and Erika still were a part of the group, I couldn't stop thinking about the new 5-nin group… How I wished they still were together… T-T *sob* Love Kanna-chan so much! >o< The Berryz Kamen and C-ute Ranger "play" was really funny, I enjoyed it very much :D

Then I opened the Arashi Around ASIA concert DVD<3 The bluish cover is transparent, and the yellow color of the A is actually provided by the yellow booklet inside the dvd! :O Such a cool detail XD Now I haven't watched it yet, but it has received so many great comment from other fans, I have a feeling it's going to be a awesome concert! ^O^ Well, when Nino-kun is performing, all it's perfect ^#^

The last thing I opened was the Japan Mini toy, which came as and extra goodie from Yesasia ^^ I choose a Christmas themed Rilakkuma toy<3 Then I can use it next Xmas ^O^

 All in all, a great batch this month!! x3

Look forward to the new Buono! album and Berryz concert next month! ^^

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12 responses

  1. W~ah! sugoi!! You're so going to love Arashi's concert DVD!!!!! I only recently began listening to Rainie and she's truly so talented..love her voice so much!! Ptom sent me this album just recently~ and I so love her pvs♥ too!!! Her cover here is so pretty~!* love it!! Your Merry Christmas pouch is soooo cute~*!!!! The battle concert is awesome…thank you for sharing~♥ ^ ^。

  2. Yes, have watched the Arashi concert (two times) now x3 It's truly amazing! And those many peoples!!! It's hard to process >o<I haven't listened that long to Rainie's songs either, think I began to know her last summer ^o~ She has a wonderful personality and beautiful voice<3 I have just recently ordered two of her older albums (with pv clips included) can't wait to get them! ^3^

  3. Arashi♥ has the most amazing stages in concert with all of those moving platforms and in that way there's really no bad seats in their shows as so many get to see them up so close~♥ (*´∀`*)。 Rainie really shines~* in her pvs…love her genki personality in them so much..so cute~*!! A~h! so lucky~* I hope they arrive soon ^ ^。

  4. The stages were incredible! I really don't get how they do it, but it sure looks amazing! I would really like to watch a Arashi concert some time x'D Right now – actually! >O<My Rainie order hasn't even been shipped yet… >…> Sometimes they are just so slow (Yesasia)… I'm too unpatient!

  5. U~n I so agree!..Arashi debuted here in Hawaii….I wonder if they'll ever consider performing a concert for the public here and not make it exclusive to FC members only….would be so sweet~♥! Sadly I don't think they could have any of their moving stages here…but it would still be so amazing to see them live for at least once~* (*´∀`*)♥!YesAsia does take a bit longer for their orders to arrive~…their free shipping option is really amazing though…but yes~! the wait is so (/∇\*)!

  6. I would really like to! It has been my dream since I watched Lilo and Stitch many years ago xD heh ^#3#^I hope the order will ship fast and be here in 7 days (even though that never has happened for me :/) The quickest shipping I have experienced ever was from StrapyaWorld by 4 days! :O That was amazing xD

  7. Lilo & Stich was so cute~♥!! and it's always amusing whenever Hawaii is depicted in pictures…especially an anime~*! The waiting is always the difficult part but I hope it arrives soon ne~ ^ ^。

  8. Hmm….my perspective may be a bit muddled as I've only lived here all my life so I don't know anything else really….but we do have a wonderful~* mixture of cultures and we're very much a mixing pot~* of people from all over, that I do love so much and for our usually very blue skies~*, nice beaches and lots and lots of aloha♥ spirit~* o(*´∀`)o゛。

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