Amazing landscape! :O

I went for a stroll down the shore, where I live, yesterday. We've had this crazy winter weather in January, but this is just nothing like I've ever experienced before! :O

It felt like being on Greenland XD

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  1. Really breathtaking photos~*…I'd be so so afraid to be on the ice even if it's thick and omg it must be so freezing!!!! there (・д・`*) The icebergs look like chips on the sea and it's interesting how they separate that way…..all I can say is Brrrrr……cold (・o・)!!!

  2. Is it snowy~ ヽ`、ヽ`ヽ(* ̄o ̄*)。。there most of the year~? I've only recently found out that different countries have their seasons at sometimes vastly different times (._.;)…like in Australia it's now Summer I think..or it was?..while we have Winter~. The large ice blocks look amazing~*…please be careful ne~ looks so freezing ^ ^!

  3. Well not exactly xD I rather meant to say there's still snow, and we have had snow since the ending of December – that feels like a long time… Normally we only have like real snow in January/February but only in a ON/OFF state (because it keeps melting, and then new snow come etc.) But this year we have had minus degrees constantly since December :O That's why there's ice and snow on the beach (it sure isn't our usual winter weather XD)Hope you understood my explanation :o ^^ I will be careful~ thanks

  4. So many areas are experiencing odd weather and much of it is extreme (ノロ≦。)!I'm not sure what to make of it all…they say our planet's temperature is getting warmer so rapidly as the ice caps up north and south are disappearing and I guess all of that water has to go's worrisome but the extra cold weather and so much more snow even here in our Mainland is really causing trouble for so many people….a~h! minus degrees!!!!…I so wouldn't be able to survive that (;´□`)。

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