Yay my order arrived! ^O^

I was so happy when I got home from Sweden today! ^^ It feels like I have waited an eternity for this package… But now it's here :D *Celebrates*

My package contained:
Berryz 工房 Concert Tour – Medachitai! 2009 Aki
Buono! – We are Buono! [CD+DVD] Album

+ Japan Mini – Rilakkuma Strawberry Strap


Such gorgeous cover design~<3 ^0^

Got the Airi card, which of course is really pretty… but would really had liked the Momo card >O<,,, *sob*

Now to the album! Gosh it's heavy! I know it contains a DVD, but it stills weights a lot! :O I soon found out the reason: the photo book inside is crazy thick! :O Now I ordered their last album in regular edition but that photo book was so much thinner! O: (but of course, I don't complain! xD) While looking through the book I noticed a lot of solo photos of the members, so neat!! <3 I like the sofa pictures a lot and the out fits are just stunning!~ I like they both have a cool/rough look and a more cute/stylish look. They all look really beautiful~ ^  ^

Now the songs! ^o^
One Way = My Way A really nice catchy starting song :9 Thumbs up for that! ^^b And such an awesome title xD The song makes me really happy~
Our Songs Their newest single :) I like this song really much, I'm glad it's number two on the album ^O^ I just love love the chorus and the rock solo is just love<3<3 Airi sounds so good in this song :) (Another awesome song title!)
Independent Girl~独立女子であるために (dokuretsu joshi de aru tame ni) Whoa – ! Is this Buono!? xD This song has such a different sound to it! It's very rock/bad-ass/cool/tough type song, which so much equals awesomeness!!! >O< I must say it stand out on this album :O The guitar sounds so cool *O*
MY BOY Nothing beats this song – enough said ^O^
うらはら (Urahara) My favorite song on this album ~ahh I really like the easy breasy sound to this song!! It's both relaxing and rockish, great combo! xD The song title means "Opposite" or "Contrary" ;3 Neat~
Take It Easy! Yay the nice heart-warming sound continues in this wonderful lovely summer song<3 ^^ This songs just keeps getting better every time I hear it, and of course makes me take it easy and just relax :D The ultimate vacation song! Imo ^o^; Wee~
Bravo☆Bravo This song really gives a cheering feeling ne? ^^ I always feel in high spirits after listening to this :)
カタオモイ (Kataomoi) I love Momo's low toned voice in the intro of this song<3 The songs means "Unrequited Love" and makes me really curious too read a translation of this song xD Another cool guitar solo for this song ^o^ They sing really well in this song too~ ^O^
Blue-Sky-Blue Wow such a different sound too… I really like the light voices they make in the intro of every verse in the beginning of the song, sounds really nice *3* I just love the slow tempo rock ballad styled songs, some how they tend to make the biggest impressions on me, they are just so different from Buono's usual style in single songs ^^b Got to love the title of this song too<3 ~o~
紅茶の美味しい店 (koucha no oishii mise) Yay – an R&B style song xD Well at any rate the chorus verses :P Wish they did more songs in this style<3 The song title means "Delicious Black Tea Shop" wtf?! XD Would like to read a translation of this song too!
タビダチの歌 (Tabidachi no uta) Nice~ acoustic guitar ;D a good song too, the title sounds familiar (think Arashi has a song with the same title ^^) The ending of the song has a little bit Arashi sound to it too! (think it's the violin) XD Lol. The ~la la la~ part always gets my approval of course ;3
We are Buono!~Buono!のテーマ (Buono! no Theme) Wow! This song sounds so much better in the album version! :O When I listened to this song on youtube I didn't understand why everyone was so crazy about this song, but now I get it! xD Haha It has true Buono spirit~ ^  ^ a great song to end this amazing album :D
Rating: 9/10 stars ;3 Because the album has so many great songs, there's not a single song I would skip while listening to this wonder disc<3 ;D

Top 10 favorite performances in the concert:
  1. VERY BEAUTY (Momoko's solo)
  2. Halation Summer (Saki, Maasa, Momoko and Risako)
  3. Baka ni Shinaide (Miyabi, Risako, Yurina and Saki)
  4. Jingisukan (with rap interlude)
  5. Watashi no Mirai no Danna-sama
  6. The Special Medley
  7. Otoko no Ko (Miyabi and Yurina)
  8. Ohiru No Kyuukei Jikan (Chinami solo)
  9. Kokuhaku no Funsui Hiroba (Miyabi, Chinami and Maasa)
  10. Munasawagi Scarlet

  Funny I always get Korilakkuma… ~O~;

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God, I love James Cameron

Today I went to the movies. Guess what I watched… ^^ AVATAR :D I have wanted to watch this movie for so long (I love James Cameron's film) and now I decided to watch it because the winter holidays have begun ^o^ I'm not afraid to admit my expectations were very high because all my friends had told how good it was. Well, I wasn't disappointed! xD

I really liked the main character Jake Sully, he had such an innocent heart and great courage, just like every hero should be! ^_^ I had a little shock, when I saw the avatar bodies for the first time… Didn't know they were that big! >3< But it actually made them much more interesting ;) That Pandora world was really amazing, so many fantastic creatures, plants and life. Those flying white spirits(?) were really nice<3 -* o *- It was funny how Jake just went running as soon he got control of his new avatar body, I couldn't help laughing xD

One of the things which got me really fascinated was how human the Na'vies felt like, especially the eyes… *O* Got to love those eyes<3 And the way they moved their bodies and faces, really well done ^.^b I was also very impressed by the avatars' faces' resemblance to the original human faces. Jake's avatar was so cute x3 I really liked him. Neytiri was so cool! I liked the scene were she killed those dog-like monsters, when she and Jake first met ^_~ heh – It was funny how she first acted like she couldn't understand English when Jake tried to thank her. Poor Jake ^^ Neytiri was really beautiful<3

Another fascinating thing about the na'vies were those small tentacles who appeared from the long braids! Didn't see that coming xD But very useful to control those creatures with :O Like brain control… Wicked xD I was happy to hear that the Navi'es had their own special language, because it would have been very unrealistic and weird if they all were able to actually speak English when they are from a completely different world ^0^;;

Jake and Neytiri were really good together :3 I loved how Neytiri was Jake's "teacher", he was really cute because he was so willing to learn, just like a child ^3^ And then they fell in love, so sweet, so sweet<3 ^^ But it also complicated Jake's situation even further – lol! xD How complicated it must be to live in two worlds, never actually sleeping :O No wonder the boy stopped having a sense of time and place! I would be so confused :/ But it was interesting to follow two worlds at the same time ^^

The war and fighting scenes were so amazingly done and truly exciting to watch, I found myself almost squealing out loud in the fighting scene with Quaritch and Jake in one of the last scenes xD It was really nerve-racking to watch! I nearly couldn't take it when he attacked Jake's helpless body in that trailer or what it was-! >o<,,


I liked the ending of the movie, just like I hoped it would end ^^ Wee~ I'm curious about how the continuation of the story will turn out, hope it will be just as good as the first one XD James Cameron just makes such wonderful movies, who never fail to entertain a large number of people ^^ Avatar was so so good, but nothing can ever beat Titanic xD   

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Two trips to the movies this week!

Yesterday I watched the movie "Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire" and last Wednesday I watched "Percy Jackson – and the Lightning Thief"! xD That's two movies in one week – Wuhuu! ^O^

  First my opinions on Percy Jackson:
Well, now that I had read the book series and all, of course my expectations were a little bit high… ^o^; I really liked the guy who played Percy (Logan Lerman) he was very cute ^#^ But I was a little let down by the other two actors, mainly because they were nothing like the book description(!) >o< Annabeth should have had blond hair (the movie actress had brown) and Grover should have been pale Caucasian (not black!) :O Well looks are looks, the actors did a great job anyway, and portrayed the roles pretty well. Then some characters weren't even in the movie! :O
Dionysus and Ares! That's 2 gods! Dx I can't believe they took these characters away. They play such important roles. It even changed the story's ending and Kronos wasn't mentioned either (as the big bad guy) >O< They made it look like Luke was the only bad guy (where was Ares and Kronos, huh?!) The weird ending really disappointed me :(
Apart from all this, it was a overall okay adaption. I don't know… Some scenes were REALLY good, like the scene where the water heals Percy for the very first time and the underwater scenes were nice too<3 But then there were some places in the movie who really let me down :/ Sigh, I had a feeling the movie would be VERY different from the book. I just really hope the next movie will make up for the very strange ending XD


Now, my opinions on Precious:
I was prepared that this movie was a tough one. I wasn't mistaken! Some scenes in this movie actually moved me to tears! I really felt bad for the head character Claireece Precious Jones, but at the same time I was surprised at how strong a person she was too! I can't imagine living a life like hers… Just the fact she couldn't even read and write :O (a thing I find as normal as seeing and breathing!) And then her mother(!) >o< she is so harsh on Precious and at the same time really pitiful… That papa was sheer evil (abusing both his daughter and woman) I got so angry >O<,, Thankfully Precious met the nice teacher on the alternative school. She was almost the first person ever to had treated Precious nicely :O The girls in the class were such nice persons too, some of them really funny ^o^
Through the movie Precious gets more clever by help from her teacher, while at the same time building more self confidence. it's such a touching tale :'3 The fact Precious had two children at an age of 16… it's just insane! It must be so hard.. The most crazy scene in the movie (imo) was the fighting scene with the mother!! XO Omg, I nearly had a heart attack when the mother threw that TV! That was so insane! >o< Luckily Precious always look up xD But it was truly a scary moment when the mother let go of that TV… *shivers* ">,o<,

  The ending of this movie was pretty open. One option could be to think positive: Precious survives the disease and her life only gets better afterwards. But I also can't stop thinking the negative (more realistic thoughts): Precious doesn't survive the disease and her children end up on a orphanage… >o<, Of course I hope that it all ends well, but then again, the ending is very 'open' >_< But overall the movie was really really good! The actors did such a fantastic job, for me it was so so real~ :O Actually I didn't recognize Mariah Carey at all as Mrs. Weiss xD She looked so different! But of all the actors, Gabourey was the best.


After the watching Precious I shopped a little with my sister :) Here's what I bought:

Love Calpis soda, it's my favorite Japanese soda<3 Love daifuku too!! Today I got one with green macha tea flavor :D Finally I was able to buy SC vol. 8! (I have already read it now) Nagehiko finally found his guardian chara – Rhythm~ He's so cool x3 Then I got myself a new mascara (really needed one!) and a three-chained necklace (it's really nice<3) and the movie "Good Will Hunting" which I bought because of Matt Damon xD haha He looks so young nee? xD Look forward to watch it :D  

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